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0001407SpeedFanInstallationpublic2009-05-26 22:37
Reporterdanbendan Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
PlatformASUS M2N SLI DELUXEOSVISTA OS Version64 home premium
Product Version4.39 beta 
Summary0001407: Can not determine how Speedfan is started
DescriptionWin7 RC1 64-bit

No speedfan entry in either startup folder.
No speedfan entry in registry.
No speedfan entry in services.
No speedfan entry in Tasks.

yet it starts!

Can anyone help me solve this ... I want to run Speedfan as a started task with a 3 minute delay. I also don't like the idea of not being in control of MY PC.
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Motherboard ModelM2N SLI Deluxe
Video Card ModelNVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT



2009-05-26 03:50

reporter   ~0004800

Well, I just figured it out.

I have installed an application called WebTemp.
It has an option to auto start SpeedFan on program start-up.
I set that option OFF.
It ignored me!

Bug reported and no more WebTemp until it's fixed.


2009-05-26 22:37

manager   ~0004801

I don't know WebTemp, but it seems that it is doing things with SpeedFan that it shouldn't do. I'm closing this issue, but will check that app and eventually contact the author.

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