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0001396SpeedFanFan controlpublic2010-12-14 17:26
Reporterverndogz Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformHP Pavilion A610YOSWindows XP ProOS VersionSP3
Product Version4.38 beta 
Summary0001396: Standby mode seems to confuse temperature readings.
DescriptionUpon load and fresh restart, program works great, I see 3 temps, 3 fans, 2 HD and everything works properly. However when the computer goes into standby it seems to lose it settings, and comes back with extreme temp readings(fan speeds also are not reported correctly, though they seem to be working). Since the temps no longer update, I have had it shut down unexpected several times, I believe because the CPU was overheating (fan was not adjusting because temp was not reporting). I now have lower limit raised on CPU fan so that hopefully this won't happen, but it still scares me. Is there a way to force speedfan to disengage after coming out of standby and get a fresh set of data? Quitting the program has no effect. Quitting and then standby, then wake-up, then opening seems to get different results, but still doesn't work properly.
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Motherboard ModelIntel 82801DB
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2009-05-04 16:41

manager   ~0004739

To me this sounds like a BIOS failing to properly reinizialize settings after resume. Did you check for an update?


2009-05-05 04:19

reporter   ~0004751

Update : Motherboard is MS-6577, sorry for the wrong info. Computer is HP Pavilion a610y. I have up-to-date BIOS, just checked. I have also verified that if I have the computer hibernate rather than suspend, it works perfectly. So basically it is the minor inconvenience of not being able to use suspend, which I can certainly live with. Is there any way for me to get you information about what is going on? Also, what is the proper uninstall procedure, how can I be sure fans are back under normal operation? I was having a problem with it randomly turning off (completely) during use (I later realized it was the above issue, CPU was overheating). Even after I uninstalled it still shut off.


2009-05-07 09:38

manager   ~0004758

Nothing that SpeedFan does should survive a power off. You can unplug the power cable or remove the battery for one minute, if you want to be absolutely sure.


2009-05-11 14:55

reporter   ~0004772

Ok, I will keep that in mind. Everything is working perfectly now that I have it hibernate, no random shut-down. I don't suppose there is much hope for the standby issue though, is there? Is there any way to force the computer to reinitialize those settings after it wakes up?


2009-05-12 09:53

manager   ~0004774

This seems not to be a SpeedFan issue. I might try to initialize all the registers of the hardware monitor chip, but it would require some time.
I think that the best solution would be to ask the manufacturer. It would be very easy for him to fix this.


2009-05-12 13:31

reporter   ~0004780

Thanks for the help... I honestly doubt that HP is going to do anything about it, so I'll just use it the way it is. Very nice product anyway.


2010-12-14 17:26

reporter   ~0005506

I have exactly the same issue with an ASRock P4i65GV system running Windows 7 32 bit Professional.
SpeedFan initially works correctly but after a resume from sleep the CPU temperature is reported approximately 30 degrees hotter than it actually is. 68c instead of the actual 36c. The case temperature appears to be correct although at 34C possibly a degree or two higher than I would have expected after a sleep.

The CPU and Case fans are displayed as 0 RPM although I can hear them spinning and feel the airflow from the case fan. The CPU and Case fan speeds are shown as their maximum values.

When I first noticed this I shut the PC down so I could see what the BIOS was saying. It reported a CPU temperature of 38C and the fan speeds were normal. The only way to reset SpeedFan is to reboot the PC.

I'm using SpeedFan 4.42

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