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0000134SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2004-12-13 23:15
ReporterDooMinick Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformSoltek SL-75KAV (KT133A)OSWindows 2003 Server Enterprise 
Product Version4.17 
Summary0000134: Hangs at startup, /NOSUPERIO, and /NOSMBSCAN doesnt't work
DescriptionIn older versions of SF I could use /NOSMBSCAN and it worked. Now it hangs up badly (reset switch doesn't work, only power switch or unplugging a cable) and I don't know what to do.
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2004-11-28 19:00

manager   ~0000461

Did you try SpeedFan 4.18?
Please, send (to this issue) the DEBUG.NFO file from SpeedFan's directory.
You might even try /NOPCISCAN, but nobody ever needed it.
If you have an nVidia video card, you might try /NONVIDIAI2C.


2004-11-30 02:20

reporter   ~0000462

I've just tried SF 4.18 and it works with /NOSMBSCAN. Thanks for rapid reply. By the way, the polish translation has got too long strings in some places that don't fit into their place. If you are interested, I could write you some shorter replacements to them.


2004-12-01 23:47

manager   ~0000479

Which is your motherboard model?
Thank you for the help about the translation. I'm working on some kind of web interface to ease the task. At least: to keep in touch with translator more easily :-)


2004-12-02 23:57

reporter   ~0000494

My motherboard is a Soltek SL-75KAV. Which revision I can tall you tomorrow, as I'll be taking it out for cleaning.

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