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0001336SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2012-04-12 19:11
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OSVistaOS Versionx64 SP1 
Product Version4.37 
Summary0001336: Smaller window at startup
DescriptionNearly every time my windows boot up if i click on a SF icon on tray the SF window that pops up is smaller in size that it should be ( see the attached photo ). If i click on that window anywhere it disappears. Only way to fix it is to shut down SF and run it again. It only happens when SF is starting from Startup folder.
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2009-01-23 21:52


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2010-02-18 13:55

reporter   ~0005120

I still have this one year old problem.
Even reinstalling SpeedFan with deleting the config doesn't solve the problem.
My brother has exactly the same System and has no problems.
The only thing that is different is that on my system SpeedFan 4.39 was installed before.
Maybe there are configfiles or values in the registry that remain after uninstalling?
(even when I said "Yes" to deleting the config files during the uninstalling process)

The SpeedFan Window that is to small always has the size: 330x250 pixels.

My System:
SpeedFan Version: 4.40
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit
Build: 7600.16385.amd64fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Mainboard: MSI P55-GD65
CPU: Core i5-750
GPU: GeForce GTX 275

best regards,
Heiko Muller


2010-02-20 02:36

reporter   ~0005121

I have the same problem sometimes, the SpeedFan window looks exactly like yours.
I assumed it was a problem with a tool I use to fix my taskbar size problem, but couldn't figure out how it could affect SpeedFan, and the SpeedFan problem seemed to go away if I did not use that tool(AutoHotkey script).

I use Windows XP sp2 32bit Swedish



2010-02-20 15:55

reporter   ~0005122

Tanks a lot for your tip it was very helpful to locate the problem.
I also played around with the taskbar icons. More precisely I tried to delete old Icons that are still in the task bar setting window.

I found the problem:
It is not a bug of SpeedFan it is a broken "TrayNotify" registry folder.

WARNING: This fix also deletes your trayicon settings (which icons are shown and which are hidden). So you have to set these options again.

How to fix it:
1. Close SpeedFan
2. Open the Registry Editor
3. If you use Windows XP browse to:
   If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 browse to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\TrayNotify
4. Delete the _data_ of the following keys in this folder:
   (Maybe deleting the whole keys also works, but I tried only to delete the data)
5. Open the Task Manager.
   Switch to the process tab.
   Kill every explorer.exe process
   (this is necessary because the explorer.exe has a backup copy of this keys in the RAM and writes it back to the registry on shutdown)
   Switch to the application tab of the Task Manager.
   Press "New Task".
   Type "explorer.exe" and press [Enter].
6. Restart your system.

best regards,
Heiko Muller


2011-08-07 17:53

reporter   ~0006359

i have the same error in win 7. i use the fix but it doesn't help.


2011-08-09 10:22

manager   ~0006365

Does it happen even if you manually start SpeedFan?
Close SpeedFan, and run regedit (or any alternative). Go to


and delete "TForm1".


2012-04-12 19:11

reporter   ~0006923

Last edited: 2012-04-12 19:16

Hi, I too have the same problem. Windows 7 x64. I tried both clearing the registry keys as supposed by HeikoM as well as deleting TForm1. I think both helped only for a single time, if at all.

What might be of interest: I keep my SpeedFan Window on my secondary monitor, which is rotated by 90 degrees. I don't know much about Windows programming, but I guess this shouldn't matter because some Windows API handles window positioning.

However, when I have this bug (which means on every boot), SpeedFan is being opened in "the small version" and on the main screen, I always have to shut it down, start it manually and then move it to its final position on the secondary screen.
If there is anything I can do to help debug this issue, let me know.

Edit: I don't have any "windows tweaks" or special stuff related to the notification area installed. Also, I've made SpeedFan start automatically on boot using a scheduled task (the standard way to auto start programs that need elevation without getting a UAC prompt).
I also start RivaTuner Hardware Monitoring this way and it works fine.

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