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0001298SpeedFanFan controlpublic2008-11-18 00:46
Reportersrouquette Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformP5N32E-SLi PlusOSVista 64OS VersionSP1
Product Version4.36 
Fixed in Version4.37 beta 
Summary0001298: Fan speed security (100% when it's hot) doesn't work after wake up
DescriptionI upgraded from 4.33, and it worked fine with this older version.

When I put my Vista 64 in sleep mode then wake up, the computer isn't hot so the fans start at low speed. But the temperature gradually rises, and speedfan speeds up the fans, but not fast enough (not a bug) and it reaches the warning temperature limit and set every fans to 100%.

The problem is... it doesn't happen in reality, the fans stay at their previous speed when speedfan reports they are at 100%, so they don't speed up anymore and the temperature continues to rise.

I have to shutdown speedfan (which sets the fans to 100% on exit) and restart it.
After a restart, the warning temperature works again.
Steps To Reproduce- Put your computer in sleep mode
- Wake up
- Reach the warning temperature limit so set the fans at 100%
- burn :)
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2008-11-17 12:14

manager   ~0004274

Please, contact me by email. I will send a beta to you. Please, do not use a gmail address because it can't receive zipped exes.


2008-11-17 13:53

manager   ~0004275

Did you receive the link?


2008-11-18 00:40

reporter   ~0004277

Last edited: 2008-11-18 00:45

yes, I was at work and I replied to your mail.
I'm currently testing it...

edit: 4.37 seems to work.


2008-11-18 00:45

manager   ~0004278

Sounds great! Thank you for your report, and for your test.

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