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0001280SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-03-21 05:20
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Summary0001280: ASUS P5Q-E (CPU) Fan Control
DescriptionHi everyone!

I'm going to switch to a P5Q-E board soon and I'd appreciate if you all with the same one share your experiences with fan speed control.

There seems to be an issue with CPU fan speed control not working so has this been resolved?
Also, what fans can be controlled individually?

I truly respect alfredo for an excellent program & support.
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duplicate of 0001222 resolvedalfredo ASUS P5Q (W83667HG) - Can't control CPU Fan Speed 
duplicate of 0002600 resolvedalfredo ASUS P5Q (W83667HG) - Can't control CPU Fan Speed 



2008-10-19 11:19

reporter   ~0004228

Three CHA_FANs are "wired together". Thus, they will always change their speed together. This lack of indiviual control is due to Asus, not to Speedfan.
Maybe Alfredo can give an update on the CPU_FAN control issue.


2008-10-20 01:04

reporter   ~0004229

Last edited: 2008-10-20 05:42

Thanks for the info.

"Wired together", thats so silly and stupid, Asus gets a big minus for that.


2009-02-13 16:49

reporter   ~0004429

Just another P5Q Series (CPU_FAN) issue.

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