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0001276SpeedFanOtherpublic2019-01-04 06:37
ReporterScott Assigned Toalfredo  
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Platformx86OSWindows XP ProfessionalOS VersionSP3
Product Version4.35 
Summary0001276: System freezes when SpeedFan and Avira AntiVir Premium run at the same time
DescriptionThis is a duplicate of 0001269, which I created some time ago but mistakenly set the "private" flag on.

When I installed Avira's product, AntiVir Premium 8.1, I started having system freezes. I initially dumped the product, but eventually went back to it. The freezes recurred, but I was determined to find out why.

I went through a huge amount of trouble singling out SpeedFan as contributing to the freeze. I am not saying that SpeedFan directly causes the freeze, but there is some compatibility problem going on between SpeedFan, AntiVir, and my system.

When AntiVir is run without SpeedFan, my system runs fine.

When SpeedFan is run without AntiVir, my system runs fine.

When AntiVir and SpeedFan are run at the same time, my system freezes after a matter of hours.
Steps To ReproduceRun AntiVir Premium 8.1 and SpeedFan 4.35 together ... perhaps I should add "on my system".
Additional InformationAsus A7N8X-E Deluxe

I've tried running SpeedFan with the following parameters:

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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelNVIDIA GeForce 6800



2008-10-10 13:59

manager   ~0004222

SpeedFan always worked great on your motherboard.
I can do nothing. You should ask Avira.


2008-10-10 22:16

reporter   ~0004223

You know how compatibility issues are. Sometimes it's very hard to tell (even if you know exactly why the problem happens) which of the two applications is "at fault". Sometimes it's not even right to say that either one is at fault, because compatibility problems are not the same thing as bugs. My feet have a compatibility problem with size 8 shoes, but nothing is wrong with my feet, nor with the shoes.

Asking Avira for help is like praying for rain.

Thanks anyway.


2009-02-14 14:03

manager   ~0004448

I assume Avira fixed this. Nobody ever reported a similar issue.


2009-02-14 15:59

reporter   ~0004452

Sorry to reopen--I just wanted to add a note. I'm not trying to force you to keep this open.

Avira didn't fix anything. I simply stopped using SpeedFan to work around the problem.

I wouldn't expect anyone else to report this problem, since it is far from obvious where the conflict occurs. It took me a lot of work to figure it out.

Again, thanks anyway. I just wish there were alternatives to SpeedFan--but there aren't.


2009-02-14 20:23

manager   ~0004457

I see. Did you try to run SpeedFan using the /NOGIVEIO command line parameter?
Does it fix the issue?


2009-02-14 20:24

manager   ~0004458

Are you using SpeedFan's automatic clock control?


2009-02-15 11:48

reporter   ~0004459

I have tried /NOGIVEIO, and even tried deleting giveio.sys and removing it from Device Manager.

I have never used clock control.

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