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0000116SpeedFanLogging and chartingpublic2004-11-01 13:02
ReporterNeoThermic Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWindows XP Pro 
Product Version4.17 
Summary0000116: SpeedFan's charts don't like DST
DescriptionSpeedfan's charts fail to display properly, and even do some very weird logging when the windows clock decides to do DST, or come out of DST.

Steps To ReproduceSet clock to a time where it will go into DST, or come out of it (For the UK: March 28th, 00:59:00 (clocks change from 1am to 2am), or for winter, 31st October 01:59:00 (clocks change from 2am to 1am))

Open Speedfan, and start displaying a graph

When the clock changes for the DST, the graph gets skewed. If the clocks go an hour back, the graph doesn't update until the computer time reaches the graph time. If the clocks go forward, things from gaps in the graph, to multiple lines from one sensor happen.
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2004-10-24 07:03


speedfan_DST_bug.png (216,735 bytes)   
speedfan_DST_bug.png (216,735 bytes)   


2004-10-29 16:32

manager   ~0000418

How would you like this issue to be fixed?


2004-11-01 13:02

reporter   ~0000423

I suppose the quickest solution would be to force the graph to start displaying from no history if the time changes by large amounts. A more complex solution would be to work out if it was due to DST changes, and only draw from the history that is before the clock changes. (I can't really descirbe this one :\ )

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