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0001127SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2008-05-04 02:092011-08-30 09:29
Assigned Toalfredo 
PlatformOSWindows Vista x64 UltimateOS VersionService Pack 1
Product Version4.34 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.45 beta 
Summary0001127: Speedfan isnt reading the GPU sensor.
DescriptionSpeedfan isn't getting any data about my gpu temprature. Its a Sappihre HD3850 Ultimate.

The Everest Debug Informations:
Sensor Properties
Sensor Type ITE IT8718F (ISA 228h)
GPU Sensor Type Diode (ATI-Diode)
Motherboard Name Gigabyte MA770 / MA790FX / MA790X Series
Chassis Intrusion Detected Yes
Motherboard 35
TagsNo tags attached.
Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelSappihre HD3850 Ultimate 010.071 BIOS
Attached Filestxt file icon everest_sensor_debug-SMBus_Dump_full.txt [^] (14,313 bytes) 2008-08-24 17:03 [Show Content]
txt file icon everest_video_debug-ati_gpu_register.txt [^] (3,100 bytes) 2008-08-24 17:03 [Show Content]
txt file icon everest_video_debug-ati_smbus_dump.txt [^] (3,061 bytes) 2008-08-24 17:04 [Show Content]

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Brutos (reporter)
2008-05-04 13:49

Tell me if you need more informations.
alfredo (manager)
2008-05-04 13:52

I hope to be able to add ATI support soon.
Brutos (reporter)
2008-05-04 22:24

Yeah Great to hear :)
emoKB (reporter)
2008-07-31 15:33

I have the exact same GFX card. Everest reads the gpu temp, speedfan does not.

If you need any info from me, send me an email.

As the card is passive cooled, being able to adjust nearby fans when the gpu gets hot, using speedfanwould be a huge help.
JohnnyFu (reporter)
2008-08-15 20:36

I purchased a Sapphire Radeon HD3850 Ultimate today. On my way home I realized that this could have been a mistake in case Speedfan is lacking Radeon support :D
The card is pretty cool though, considering it's a passive cooled card.

However, let me know if you need any debug informations of my system.
JohnnyFu (reporter)
2008-08-24 17:05
edited on: 2008-08-24 17:05

Uploaded/Attached everest debug files from my machine

WildW (reporter)
2009-06-02 21:56

I'm encountering this issue for the first time, having just changed from an nVidia to ATI graphics card. Probably bad ettiquete for me to jump in and ask for an update, but this one looks to have been sitting for about year without a fix.

As a brief suggestion, could this be done with software rather than getting direct access to the sensors? Other applications (e.g. Furmark) can get the GPU temperature for my ATI card, presumably through the graphics drivers, rather than interfacing with the sensors directly. A software-reported value would likely be a good-enough quick fix for a lot of users.
decoder (reporter)
2009-06-15 09:39

I'd really like to have support for this as well, at the moment Speedfan can display everything on my system except GPU stats, I've had a blank space in my Samurize display for over a year now waiting to get GPU support :-).
coldmist (reporter)
2009-07-13 06:36

I'll chime in here and vote my support. I also just switched from nVidia to ATI and greatly miss the temps!
ostar (reporter)
2011-04-26 20:13

I hope some work can be done for supporting ATI GPU's. Mine is a HD3450 (will be replaced soon by a HD4350).
wlw_wl (reporter)
2011-04-27 17:53

That's some old ticket you dug up.

The ATI GPU support is on it's way, if I recall correctly it has been promised for 4.44 stable release.
alfredo (manager)
2011-08-30 09:29

Support is in the latest beta and it works great. In a few days I will publish a beta that will support multi-card setups too.

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2008-05-04 02:09 Brutos Assigned To => alfredo
2008-05-04 02:09 Brutos Video Card Model => Sappihre HD3850 Ultimate 010.071 BIOS
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2008-08-24 17:03 JohnnyFu File Added: everest_sensor_debug-SMBus_Dump_full.txt
2008-08-24 17:03 JohnnyFu File Added: everest_video_debug-ati_gpu_register.txt
2008-08-24 17:04 JohnnyFu File Added: everest_video_debug-ati_smbus_dump.txt
2008-08-24 17:05 JohnnyFu Note Added: 0004053
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2011-08-30 09:29 alfredo Resolution open => fixed
2011-08-30 09:29 alfredo Fixed in Version => 4.45 beta

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