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0000109SpeedFanLogging and chartingpublic2004-10-18 15:33
Reporterzdeseb Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformMobile Athlon XPOSWindows XPOS VersionSP2
Product Version4.16 
Summary0000109: If running as service, it blocks when initializing chart
DescriptionWhen I istall SpeedFan as service (for example using FireDaemon, set service logon account to my login and try to start. SpeedFan initialization stops after step "SETUPCHART: items cleared" (debug.nfo)
Steps To ReproduceTry to run SpeedFan as service (using 3rd party utility) on WindowsXP...
Additional InformationDon't know where the problem exactly is (maybe nonexisting window manipulation?) but ... may it help to add command line option to disable CHART and chart manipulation?
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2004-10-15 11:35

manager   ~0000388

Since other users are using FireDaemon with no problem at all, my guess is that you're experiencing the "ERROR 5 : ACCESS DENIED" issue. I can't figure out why this error occurs and I never manage to reproduce it. My guess is that it is related to accessing SMART data while something is not yet initialized. You might try to use the /NOSMARTSCAN and see if it fixes this issue.


2004-10-15 19:23

reporter   ~0000392

Last edited: 2004-10-15 19:27

I tried this option but the behaviour is the same: After starting SpeedFan as service (with parameter /NOSMARTSCAN or without its the same) log file debug.nfo (see attached file) ends with message "SETUPCHART: items cleared" and because SpeedFan is still running I think it hangs somewhere before "SETUPCHART: elements set up" because it is the next message appeared when I run SpeedFan as normal application.

Is there any way how to enable more detailed log file? It should answer where exactly SpeedFan fails.

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2004-10-15 19:24


debug.nfo (35,783 bytes)


2004-10-18 15:33

manager   ~0000396

I already added several debug messages there. I will check to see where to add new ones.

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