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0000100SpeedFanLogging and chartingpublic2019-04-01 07:44
Reportergxc Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.15 
Summary0000100: Charting HD temps causes odd behavior
DescriptionData for HD temps is retained for the duration of the SpeedFan session, while other temps are retained for approx 13 minutes. This causes odd charting behavior.
Steps To Reproduce1. Launch SpeedFan
2. On the 'Charts' tab, select HD0 and CPU
3. Minimize speedfan
4. Use the system for about 20 minutes
5. Restore Speedfan
6. de-select HD0 from the chart. Note that the timescale shrinks to show 13 minutes of data
7. re-select HD0. Note that the timescale expands to show the duration of the SpeedFan session, however temperature data older than 13 minutes has been discarded for everything but HD0.
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has duplicate 0000986 closedalfredo Temperature chart shrinks when displaying HD temps 



2004-10-08 12:05

manager   ~0000379

I agree this is an unusual behaviour, but this is the reason why the full time range is explicitly shown on the CHART tab. SpeedFan keeps an amount of data samples. Since HD temperatures are sampled every minute instead of every 3 seconds, a 20 times larger time lapse is available.
Which solution would you suggest?


2004-10-09 04:43

reporter   ~0000387

Hm... I see how this would be a problem to work around. I would think that a reasonable answer would be to truncate the HD display(s) to match the range of the other data types. Those interested in analyzing older data would likely be using the log files to do so anyway.

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