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0000095SpeedFanLogging and chartingpublic2004-10-08 11:47
Reportergxc Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformMSI 6380V3OSXPOS Versioncurrent updates
Product Version4.14 
Summary0000095: Fan speed charts rendered unreadable by garbage data
DescriptionMany fans provide incorrect tachometer readings at slow speeds. Often, these problems are manifested as very high values (600,000 RPM) interspersed with the actual readings. When attempting to view a fan speed chart, these high false readings cause the scale to become unusable for reading by humans (see screenshot).
Steps To ReproduceSet speed of fan very low. View chart of fan's speed.
Additional InformationA nice workaround might be to have a checkbox for 'Ignore data points over 10,000 RPM' or similar. This would force the chart to a readable scale.

Alternately, a user-adjustable vertical scale would allow you to manually zoom down to where the real data lies.
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2004-09-28 02:56


RPM.JPG (42,295 bytes)   
RPM.JPG (42,295 bytes)   


2004-10-08 11:47

manager   ~0000371

I will work on a solution for this issue :-)

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