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0000853SpeedFanFan controlpublic2011-04-09 13:53
ReporterKhurram Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformAsus P5B PremiumOSWindowsOS VersionXP (with SP2)
Product Version4.32 
Summary0000853: CPU fan control doesnt work with 3pin fan
DescriptionSpeedFan cant control CPU fan on this motherboard when using a 3 pin CPU fan. Is there any setting that I can use in SpeedFan for controlling 3 pin CPU fans?

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Motherboard Model
Video Card ModelMSI Nx6600 VTD128E Diamond



2007-04-30 10:27

reporter   ~0002506

Beware P5B Premium buyers. I had fired off an email to Asus tech support and the following is their response:

the P5B Premium (and other asus newer models board) only support PWM mode for fan speed function.
Due to your 3pins cooler has no PWM wire, so bios can not control its speed.
Old P5GDC-V deluxe can do this because it has special hardware design.

This leaves me wondering how hard would it be to add DC control for the 3 CPU fan (they are doing this for the 3 pn case fans in any case). Also, this is not documented in the FAQs, manual or anywhere else that I know off.


2007-04-30 16:01

reporter   ~0002509

I cant get my P5B Deluxe to work either, can read temp but fans rev on full speed and I cant change. So reading Khuram's note, what I need to do is to get a CPU fan w PWM support? How do I know that it supports PWM=


2007-04-30 16:04

reporter   ~0002511

Braempa, PWM fans have 4 pins as opposed to DC fans which have 3 pins. Just search for PWM fans and you will find plenty of hits with pictures showing the connector (which is similar but wider than the 3 pin connector).


2007-05-08 20:28

reporter   ~0002524

worksgreat now, thanks!

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