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0000698SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-03-19 12:19
Reporteratthegates Assigned Toalfredo  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSWindows XPOS VersionPro 5.01.2600SP2 
Product Version4.31 
Summary0000698: several bugs maybe..?
DescriptionFirst of all SpeedFan found IT8712F at $0A10. All is fine. Clock
function is not supported. Its OK. Info: No ChipSet Detected. DIMM info: 'unable to gather
info' as you said its usual for ASUS boards.

Now clickin' on 'Find SMBus Devices' and then 'Start Scanning'. Well.. nothing happen. The
computer is not hanging but its like nothing happen. No hdd activity nothin. Like disable
button on a program form :).

Tried to debug as you described in the help file - with speedfan /smbdebug. The program
crash. I mean, window apear, I'm clickin start and this error message apear:
Access violation at address 005DFCE8 in module ' speedfan.exe. Read of address 00000044.
'Start' and 'Help' buttons of the window disapear. closing the windows(?!) SpeedFan(which continue working says: No Supported Chip Detected!.)

And a last one. I cannot control the fans. SpeedFan found 3 sensors (diode) + hdd sensor +
ACPI sensor. Hdd and ASPI are ok - 40-44
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Motherboard Model
Video Card Modelintegrated SiS


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