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0000060SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2018-08-14 04:40
Reporterflugscheibenwerfer Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows 2000 
Product Version4.14 
Summary0000060: Defining speed for program start
DescriptionI think it would be a nice feature if the program had a way to configure a speed that a fan is set to when the program starts. At the moment it's always set to the maximum speed but if I want a high maximum speed but at the same time normally run at minimum speed with a small delta value, it's just annoying when it takes a long time until the program reaches the minimum speed.
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Motherboard Modelmsi x370 gaming pro carbon
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2004-08-08 10:36

manager   ~0000232

Several users asked for this option. I'm sure enough that setting the fans to a lower speed at boot would be of really little use, as, while booting, the CPU is heavily used and I'm quite sure it would heat up, thus forcing SpeedFan to raise fan speeds. I will investigate.
In the meantime, consider that, if your fans are good enough even at low speeds, you might consider setting the MAX SPEED value to, say, 50%. SpeedFan would use that speed immediately.
If the WARNING temp will ever be reached, SpeedFan will ignore the MAX SPEED value and will always got to 100% usage.


2004-08-08 11:03

reporter   ~0000234

Well, I don't think my processor is so busy anymore when Speedfan starts at startup. But actually I don't really want this for startup. It is connected to the problem when coming back from standby or hibernate mode because at the moment I restart speedfan when coming back and at this time the processor is normally idle. So probably this request should change when you fix the hibernate bug. Then it would be nice if speedfan would recall the value it was set to before hibernate or standby and when coming back reset the fans to that value so that it doesn't have to start from top again.


2004-08-08 11:38

manager   ~0000235

I see! Well, the hibernate issue is currently under investigation :-)


2004-08-09 07:53

reporter   ~0000240

This problem/request is similar to my bug report # 0000041 . One possible solution I've thought of would be to have SF check the temps at application start. If the temps are below the threshold value, then set the associated fans to the minimum values.

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