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0000499SpeedFanOtherpublic2011-03-04 14:03
Reporterandreasm Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformWindowsOSWindows XP SP1OS VersionWindows XP SP1
Product Version4.27 
Summary0000499: accesses registry 1 times per second (Disable Performance Counters)
DescriptionIf you use regmon.exe from, you can see that speedfan searches for the following key in registry every second!

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\Disable Performance Counters

But it doesn't find thay key.

You should remove that for a better performance.
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2006-03-20 21:57

reporter   ~0001589

Last edited: 2006-03-20 21:58

I'll have to chip in on this issue and hope for a fix.

For some reason the check for this registry key is affecting playback of vmw9 encoded videos on my box. Took me a while to track down what was causing the glitches as well. After finally using filemon and regmon I nailed the problem to Speedfan checking the regkey once a second.

Turn off speedfan - playback is fine, turn on speedfan - regular glitches in playback...


2006-04-21 09:33

reporter   ~0001638

Same symptoms noticed under heavy systems load. Verfified with the registry montior.

Silent Warrior

2006-04-22 03:18

reporter   ~0001640

Last edited: 2006-04-22 03:22

It seems that the SpeedFan use this regkey to monitor the CPU usage.


2006-05-07 20:48

reporter   ~0001654

I noticed this aswell, i have to close SF when i play a game, or i get 1sec hang once every 5 minutes or so. When playing music i also get glitches.


2006-05-09 10:17

reporter   ~0001669

This bug seems important to fix and hopefully easy to fix


2006-05-19 10:16

manager   ~0001682

If you want to try a beta, just drop me an email :-)


2006-05-19 11:10

manager   ~0001683

I did several tests and it looks like it is the system that queries that key. The code I use is:


This call leads to the NOT FOUND you experienced.


2006-06-17 23:43

reporter   ~0001771

So, anyone got a solution for this? The 4.29 beta still gives me glitches once in a while...


2006-06-18 00:22

reporter   ~0001772

I just created a key called "Disable Performance Counters" (as reg_DWORD) in path HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\

Now, regmon.exe shows SUCCESS, but it still checks every second.

Perhaps that could help you...


2006-06-18 00:33

reporter   ~0001773

Did anyone test if other programs that display a CPU usage graph (eg. Windows Task Manager) also query this key, or do something else?


2006-06-18 00:44

reporter   ~0001774

I just tried it:

taskman.exe (win taskmanager) and rmclock.exe (rightmark CPU clock utility) never access that key.


2006-07-11 10:27

reporter   ~0001802

@andreasm: Have you tried setting HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Perflib\Disable Performance Counters to 1? I have and after restarting SpeedFan I noticed that the CPU usage bar disappeared. So you could take this method as a sort of a fix until Alfredo releases the next beta.


2006-07-11 10:47

manager   ~0001803

Are you sure there is any performance issue? My guess is that it can be in the order of magnitude of one second in one year, or decade :-)


2006-07-11 11:29

reporter   ~0001813

Well, actually I do think there's been a change, at least in my special context.
I'm currently running Speedfan on my W1N laptop. Unfortunately, Speedfan refuses to maintain my configuration from time to time, especially after suspending or hibernating the system. I simply set up my chip (ADT7463 on Intel SMBus) to be MANUALLY CONTROLLED and switched off all the other speeds and fans but the cpu fan (Speed01). I've also indicated proper values for the Desired and Warning temperatures as well as the Minimum and Maximum fan speeds. The latter ones are supposed to be automatically variated since I've set up this option, too. To make sure nothing else interferes with this configuration I also tried out all the command line options to disable auxiliary checks such as SMART and so on. However, every time I restore my laptop from suspend or hiberantion Speedfan tends to lose these settings: just a few moments after being restored the cpu fan seems to go into business for oneself though speedfan keeps reporting its speed at only 5% which is the programmed minimum.
Then I need to restart speedfan at least once and change some of the values back and forth until I have speedfan do what I want.
Anyway, this behaviour slightly improved when I set the registry value mentioned above to one. However, the core problem still persists so every help or suggestion is greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


2007-05-23 18:45

reporter   ~0002547

This still occurs in 4.32
I see it with process monitor.
Would be nice if speedfan didn't check the registry every single second!


2009-08-13 00:12

reporter   ~0004924

Version 4.39 still does this. Is there any reason why or has it simply been forgotten?


2010-12-23 11:08

reporter   ~0005612

Sorry about this "bump"...
Still seeing this effect on 4.43 beta 4. Not a big deal (yet), and it seems not to be a big problem at all (nobody complained for a long time), but if it's only because of CPU usage view, an idea could be having an Option to enable/disable CPU usage view (so RegQueryValueEx not needed then).
When I think of is nice to see CPU usage at tweaking time, but when it it running fine (what it DOES - great tool - time for donation! :)), CPU usage view is not needed anymore...!?


2010-12-23 11:37

manager   ~0005613

Hello, I still think that there is no perfomance hit. I will look at the source code. I might add an internal flag that disables that call in case it fails the first time, but I must be sure that it wasn't a temporary failure.


2011-03-03 09:38

reporter   ~0005914

I just tried 4.43 beta 14, which is almost brilliant; Program startup
is very fast now; but I ran into the same "issue" as the others here.
Played with Regmon to find some other problems and saw that Speedfan
is indeed querying the Registry every second (Disable Performance Counters); even if program is minimized (=Tray).
I'm not exactly sure whether this is the reson for the performance hit I experience (but nevertheless annoying), but if you could fix this I would pay (=donate) for v4.44! :-)


2011-03-04 14:03

manager   ~0005915

I will look for an alternate method to gather those information. I think there is no performance hit anyway.

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