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0003044SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-12-06 12:30
Reportermarcinw Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.52 
Summary0003044: "MAX of speeds" is working like "SUM of speeds"
DescriptionPlease refer to the screenshot - I've added few counters (every looks the same) & between 50 and 57 C fan should be set to 50%... but it's set to 100%.

I've tried to remove 100% setting to eliminate situation, that temperature was higher (and SF correctly setup fan)... but for now everything shows, that "MAX of speeds" works like "SUM of speeds".

Is it possible to make short fix for that?
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Motherboard ModelDell Precision 5510
Video Card Model



2019-12-05 22:27


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x.png (80,914 bytes)   


2019-12-06 12:30

reporter   ~0009397

I'm not sure, what to say but it looks, that SF is setting 100% when there is reached warning for temperature (warning is setup from "Temperatures").

Bug should be probably renamed + maybe logic should be somehow changed (maybe this part of SF needs rewriting and fan control settings should be just in one place) or differently described.

Anyway, SF works.

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