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0002689SpeedFanFan controlpublic2018-05-28 04:16
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OSWIndows 10 
Product Version4.52 
Summary0002689: CPU Fan max rpm is about half of what it should be
DescriptionHi, my first post here...

I tried looking for similar issues, and there was a guy who had the same problem, but on different motherboard, so I couldn't use his methods to fix mine.
Basically,my CPU fan is capable of running at 1500rpm, however using SpeedFan, when on 100% it only ever reaches about 650rpm.

I tried changing the Q-fan control settings in the BIOS, killing the asus fan controller software etc, nothing helped.

Just as a side note, this software is great. I have a 2 pin chassis fan and can't control it without SpeedFan, so, much appreciated.
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Motherboard ModelAsus z370-E
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