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0002683SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-04-24 17:45
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PlatformOSWindows 10OS Version
Product Version4.52 
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Summary0002683: SpeedFan reducing CPU cooling performance even after uninstallation
DescriptionGreetings fellows,
I stumbled upon this forum while trying to solve issue I encountered while using SpeedFan 4.52 software.
I installed the software, made "automatic fan speed" checked and started playing a game (witcher 3).
What happened is that my computer started to randomly turning itself off. I realized my GPU temps were getting high and GPU fan PWM were 0 RPM even on 100% GPU load and high GPU temps.

This is where I found this forum with this issue:

It allowed me to fix my GPU problem - I've installed MSI Afterburner and restorted my GPU fans to work normally.

BUT I think that my CPU temps are way higher now than they were before... Even thou the fan is working the same loudness as before! I think my CPU temps got 0000007:0000015 degrees higher on idle and like 0000008:0000025 degrees under load...

Of course I uninstalled it, removed all registry entries but the problem still persists. I did reset the GPU I think but I don't know what's with the CPU...

I'm very sad and angry at this software. It is outrageous that it messes up with computer even if it is completely uninstalled.

I don't know if I'm advanced enough to do CMOS reset, which might help (?)

Could you please help me what to do? I just want my computer back to the state before SpeedFan installation, but I don't want to format everything, install all system and drivers all the way again, I have SO MUCH software and plugins I just couldn't stand it, it would take me weeks.

Please help me with this if you can.

Some perhaps importaint info:
MY gear:
CPU: Intel i7 7700k
Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo with Noctua NF-S12A PWM chromax fan
GPU: Radeon RX580
Mobo: Biostar z270GT9 Racing
Case: Silentium Aquarius X70W (3 fans - controls on case - working)

Software to monitor temps and RPM: HWMonitor

Additional perhaps importaint info:
I had similar problem with temps on my CPU before, when I was gaming I had like 0000023:0000080-90 degrees on CPU, but my GPU was not really working then, some driver problem.
I did a clear install of my GPU drivers and then my GPU started to be utilized properly and I had temps like 0000004:0000050-70 on CPU while gaming...
But now, my GPU is working correctly and I still got 0000023:0000080-90 on CPU while gaming... it was altered by installation (and uninstallation) of SpeedFan.

If you could help me, that would be great, I'm stressed because of this situation.
Best regards
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Motherboard ModelBiostar Z270GT9 Racing
Video Card ModelRadeon RX580



2018-04-24 20:31

reporter   ~0008532

Check your hardware instead of crying here. The program can't do the things you've described above.

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