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0002681SpeedFanFan controlpublic2018-02-25 23:41
Reportertfjield Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWindowsOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version4.52 
Summary0002681: More than 6 GPU fans are not properly controlled.
DescriptionI just added a 7th GPU to my rig. Speedfan worked perfectly at controlling the fans on the first 6. But now that I have 7, one of them isn't controlled. And it's not the 7th that't not being controlled, it's actually the 4th for some reason. If I remove a fan, it works fine. All 7 GPUs are RX 580's.
Steps To ReproduceSet temperatures to 55 target, 70 warning. Wire up the appropriate fan controller with the temperature output. $0 to $0, $1 to $1, etc. Set min speeds to 20, max to 100, and variate. Go back to main screen, enable fan control. There will be 6 boxes instead of 7, and the speed for one fan won't update.
Additional InformationConfig files, a log file, and a screenshot are included in the zip attachment.
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Motherboard ModelASUS ROX Strix Z270E
Video Card ModelMSI RADEON RX 580 8 GB ARMOR OC



2018-02-23 09:20

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2018-02-25 23:41

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I added an 8th fan to my rig, and it's not controlled either. Looks like there is a limitation of 6 controlled fans. As a workaround, if I turn off automatic fan control and remove the first two from the speed tab, I can manually set the speed of all the fans. Then if I re-enable the fans under the speed tab, and reattach them to the temperatures, then SpeedFan will control 6 of them. Only a temporary workaround, as two of my fans are uncontrolled if my machine reboots.

If you were interested in having someone help to fix this limitation, I would be glad to help. Just let me know!

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