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0002646SpeedFanFan controlpublic2017-05-18 06:352018-12-10 09:19
Assigned Toalfredo 
Platformx64OSWindows 7 SP1OS VersionUltimate
Product Version4.52 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002646: Very Bad stuttering in Dell Precision T7500
DescriptionThis software is blessing for me as a user of Dell Precision T7500.
Because in BIOS there's no fan control at all.
For one occasion I ever had overheat CPU at 90*C without fan kicking at all.
Unfortunately speedfan had it flaws as well, It made high latency in 3 seconds intervals.
It might be refresh rate to collect data from ISA Bus sensors I don't know
but as soon I start speedfan the latency become higher at same rate with automatic speed enable or not.

The result is devastating, My audio playback and movie player become stutter every 3 seconds interval.
I had tried to use parameters such as /NOSCSISCAN /NOSMARTSCAN /NOSUPERIO etc
but had no effect except for /NOPCISCAN which kill Dell sensor immediately.
Steps To Reproduce1. start speedfan
2. Configure -> Options -> enable Dell Support
2. it will produce stutter imediattely when speedfan show pwm fans rpm
3. with DPC Latency I know the culprit is speedfan at 3 seconds interval
Additional InformationI had tried use older versions of speedfan with no luck to minimize stuttering effect.
So I though it must had connection with ISA Bus which collect temp data from motherboard
TagsNo tags attached.
Motherboard ModelDell Precision T7500
Video Card ModelNvidia GTX 960
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rybskej (reporter)
2017-09-17 04:53
edited on: 2017-09-17 04:53

I have a Dell T7500 and have experienced exactly the same issue as reported here, verified with DPC Latency Checker and starting/stopping speedfan. Disabling SpeedFan resolves stuttering in audio or video, every several seconds.

This is unfortunate, as I've found SpeedFan essential to the health of this machine. I've tuned it to keep CPU cores below 65C at max sustained utilization; otherwise, the system will easily overheat itself, exceeding 90C on one or both CPUs.

I would be happy to provide additional information to assist in diagnosis and resolution of this issue.

zampaz (reporter)
2018-01-20 22:14

I have a Dell T7400 experiencing the same issues with speedfan/audio. Thermal issues with the fully bufferred ECC ram. Also have duplicate fans/Pwms controls on Dell(ISA) and Intel SMBUS but the SMbus loses pwm4 and 5. Both must be enabled to achieve some fan control. For now I set speeds manually then terminate speedfan. Also tried running in XPx64 compat mode, no luck.
Chronicsnoozer (reporter)
2018-02-08 13:36
edited on: 2018-02-08 13:41

I have a T7500, Win10Pro and am running SpeedFan to control CPU temps when rendering.
I have the very same latency issues as described above (see image with yellow and red bars, you can tell when I turned on and off SpeedFan).Furthermore I suspect that there are stability issues, where the computer shuts down unexpectedly (according to event log). So far this seems to happen when SpeedFan is turned on, but I have not found a pattern yet and it is with long intervalls (several hours), therefore hard to diagnose. I am running some long term tests to isolate the issue.
I really need SpeedFan to work, therefore would be happy to help in any way.


zampaz (reporter)
2018-02-09 16:36
edited on: 2018-02-09 17:00

I've resolved "audio" stutter and stability issues on my Dell T7400 at the expense of controlling HDD fans.
Run SF with /NOSUPERIO option at startup and "Dell notebook" option DISABLED and you may have control for your CPU fans Chronicsnoozer. I've added screen shots to this issue of my configs for my T7400 that resolve stutter issue and allow me to control the fan speeds I need most (Fan1 and Fan2). With this config I don't have control of Fan4 and Fan5 in Zone3 but SF appears to be quite stable with these parameters. Hopefully something similar will work for Dell Precision T7500 users.

ridharch (reporter)
2018-02-16 06:47

Oh well, I had resolved my problem with a hardware controller since I can't have stable solution with software side.
I use a 12V PWM controller from ebay to solved it with satisfying result.

It take over PWM tach lines on CPU's fans and give speed command base on controller NTC heat probe.

I Know it out of topic for speedfan but I just give other solution based on hardware side.
zampaz (reporter)
2018-02-19 17:12

Thank you for sharing ridharch. Personally I welcome all ideas from those who want to help others.
garix1234 (reporter)
2018-12-10 09:19

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