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0002588SpeedFanFan controlpublic2016-12-21 20:01
Reporter09876ggddzz Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformASUS Z97i PlusOSWindows 7 64Bit 
Product Version4.50 
Summary0002588: Fan Speeds Read 0 RPM on chassis headers
DescriptionI have an ASUS Z97i Plus.

If it plug a fan into CPU header it reads fan speed. But i cannot change the fan speed.

If i plug fans into chassis fan headers (of which there are two) it shows them as 0 RPM.

It read CPU temp fine. And detects chipset as Nuvoton NCT6791D.

Did send error report but not sure if it came through.
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Motherboard ModelASUS Z97i Plus
Video Card ModelATI 280x



2014-09-20 11:45

reporter   ~0008183

I did try the latest beta also 4.51 Beta 2


2014-09-20 13:50

manager   ~0008184

Did you send me a report with the latest beta?


2014-09-21 11:18

reporter   ~0008185

I've looked into it a bit more.. I have sent a report from 4.51 Beta 2.
Is there a more recent beta available please.

ASus Z97i Plus

The fan plugged into chassis 1 reads as Sys Fan

And when you configure auto fan control on it it gives the error
ApplyPwm – CAN'T FIND chip=0 index=1

Chassis Fan 2 shows as Aux Fan and works perfectly.
CPU fan works perfectly.

2014-09-21 11:24


AsusZ97iPlus.JPG (49,969 bytes)   
AsusZ97iPlus.JPG (49,969 bytes)   


2014-09-22 08:24

reporter   ~0008186

I managed to resolve the issue clicking on configure, Sys Fan and ticking it.

So it is working for me now.

Chassis 1 = Sys Fan
Chassis 2 = Aux Fan
Cpu Fan = Cpu Fan

So if its possible to change it to
Chassis 1 = Aux Fan
Chassis 2 =Aux 1 Fan

That would be amazing.

So reported working on Asus Z97i-Plus (mini itx). Thanks Steve


2014-09-25 09:33

manager   ~0008187

In order to rename anything, just open CONFIGURE, select the object you want to rename and use the F2 key to rename.
I am glad to read that everything works fine now.

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