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0002520SpeedFanEventspublic2016-05-30 12:11
ReporterChrisFr Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformWindowsOSWindowsOS VersionWindows 10 pro
Product Version4.51 
Summary0002520: Events should do specific actions as hibernate or save energy, and check continuous states
DescriptionI suggest to add new possibilities to the Events UI:
. For more than x seconds continuously
. Then
  . Hibernate
  . Shut down computer
  . Sleep
  . Set energy profile
    . Save energy
    . Normal use
    . High performance

This way for example it will be possible to make this rules:
. If Core0 > 84° for more than 6 seconds continuously then Hibernate.
. If Core0 > 74° for more than 12 seconds continuously then Set energy profile Save energy.
. If Core0 < 50° for more than 50 seconds continuously then Set energy profile Normal use.

Currently the first rule only can work correctly.

The other rules can not be achieved since:
1. A console window appear every w seconds, that's very annoying (see Issue 2519).
2. The command is executed even the described state (ex: °>74) is true for one second (or less) only.
3. The energy profile should not be selected when it is selected yet (for optimisation reasons only).

The option "For more than x seconds continuously" is very different from the current option "Allow every x seconds". It should check if a condition stays true for x seconds, and do the action after only (the current option "Allow" execute the action immediately, even if the state was true one second only).

On laptop computers, these new possibilities could replace clock tweaks by using normal Windows features.
And help users in saving their CPU from burning (thanks to Hibernate).
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