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0002506SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2016-03-11 18:38
ReporterNicopolous Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows 7 64b 
Product Version4.51 
Summary0002506: CPU temp missing from temperatures
DescriptionHi :)

The core temperatures are all visible - read from the "INTEL CORE". However, the CPU temp is not. I can see this temp in HWMonitor as "TMPIN3" which is read from the mobo (not cpu) - see screenshot.

I know that TMPIN3 is the CPU temp as it changes under load (e.g. with OCCT running) exactly how I would expect it to.

NOTE: There are a few temps on Speedfan other than the core, but I think these are aux temp sensors as they don't really change with CPU load.
Steps To ReproduceAlways - just run on my mobo
Additional InformationAlthough I can control fan speeds using the core temps, they fluctuate a lot vs the CPU temp and makes the fan speed highly variable.
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Motherboard ModelASRock B85 Pro4
Video Card Model



2016-03-11 10:49


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