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0002478SpeedFanOtherpublic2016-01-06 08:00
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OSWindows 10 
Product Version4.51 
Summary0002478: Windows 10 Display Driver Crash
DescriptionSpeedfan crashes roughly 50% of the time I start it up. It isn't a bluescreen or freeze, but it seems to completely annihilate all video capability on the machine. The display will go black, but I can still hear music and whatnot playing from my computer, so I know that it is still running.

Usually the screen goes black, but sometimes this happens:

I included that picture in the attached zip. The zip also has my entire speedfan install if you want to take a look.
Steps To ReproduceStart speedfan.

But seriously, I have no idea. This doesn't seem to be a common issue from what I can tell. I have tried running display driver uninstaller and reinstalling my nvidia drivers to latest.

I have not tried reinstalling speedfan yet, as I want to keep my configuration. Took me hours to get it just right.

Here's my system specs, if that helps you.

Asrock z87 extreme 4
Nvidia gtx 770 w/ fresh drivers.
Running on an 850 pro ssd.
Additional InformationWhen speedfan DOES start correctly (without crashing), it works perfectly.
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Motherboard ModelAsrock z87 extreme4
Video Card ModelAsus gtx 770 2GB



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To backup SpeedFan, just save all of 3 cfg files you'll find in SpeedFan's "Program File" folder.
Also you should try one of the related switch you'll find here:
NONVIDIAI2C could help.

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