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0002459SpeedFanFan controlpublic2015-11-13 22:27
ReporterDaROB Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.51 
Summary0002459: No fan control for Gigabyte GeForce 750 Ti (Vendor Product Name: GV-N75TOC-2GL)
DescriptionI recently set-up a new machine with a Gigabyte GeForce 750 Ti (GV-N75TOC-2GL) and would like to use SpeedFan to control the fan on the graphics card. Unfortunately it only detects the temperature, but no fan information. However, tools lie MSI Afterburner and EVGA Precision X are able to detect the fan and to control the fan.

My system consists of:

- ASUS Z97I-PLUS mainboard
- Gigabyte GeForce 750 Ti (GV-N75TOC-2GL)
- Win 10 Pro x64
- Nvidia WHQL 358.87
- newest chipset drivers etc. as the system was freshly set-up last week
Steps To ReproduceThere is no fan control / information for the graphic card at any time.
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Motherboard ModelASUS Z97I-PLUS
Video Card ModelGigabyte GeForce 750 Ti (GV-N75TOC-2GL)



2015-11-13 22:26


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