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0002433SpeedFanFan controlpublic2015-10-03 04:51
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PlatformDell D830OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version4.51 
Summary0002433: Implement a proper PID control loops for fan control

A properly implemented PID control loop for the fan control would *vastly* outperform the current temp/fan speed curve approach being used now and take the guess work out of it.

Users could just set a temperature set point and the PID control loop would do the rest. (much simpler) If you want to handle multiple temps and fans that can be handled also. And you get very *tight* control that will automatically handle temperature trends. The 'D' (derivative) part of the PID loop is what handles the trending. I predict that if you implemented PID control, then everyone would switch to using that and not want to use the current approach. (It would be that much better.)

If you think this cannot be done then I would challenge your understanding of PID control loops.

I am a PE-registered Chemical Engineer with experience in control loops and software. (and 25 yrs of experience) Let me know if you would like an assist on this. I would be happy to assist.
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