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0002415SpeedFanFan controlpublic2015-07-29 20:31
ReporterMr EvilAssigned Toalfredo 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformOSWindowsOS Version7 x64 SP1
Product Version4.50 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002415: GPU fan speed not displayed correctly at 0 RPM
DescriptionMy graphics card, like many newer cards, turns the fans off completely when the card is idle. Instead of showing 0 RPM, SpeedFan continues to show what I presume is the reading it took before the fans stopped (e.g. right now it's showing 624 RPM even though I can see the fans aren't moving).
Steps To Reproduce1) Start SpeedFan
2) Wait for fans on graphics card to stop
3) Observe incorrect displayed RPM

1) Wait for fans on graphics card to stop
2) Start SpeedFan
3) Observe incorrect displayed RPM
Additional InformationGraphics card drivers are Catalyst version 15.7
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Motherboard ModelAsus Sabertooth 990FX
Video Card ModelSapphire Tri-X Radeon R9 Fury


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