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0002401SpeedFanFan controlpublic2015-05-23 16:54
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Summary0002401: Fan still spins when pwm signal set to 0%?
I was testing speedfan with "cpu_fan" pwm fan header and the speed control was great, I was able to create a fan curve to it and auto control the speed by temp.

The problem is I want the fan to stop spinning when system is idle. But even if I set pwm signal to 0%, the fan still spins around 560RPM (1600RPM @ 100%). I tried different fans with this fan header, they all spin at a low speed when speed was set to 0%

On the other hand, there's a "sys_fan" header next to the "cpu_fan" on my mobo. (I think this header controls the fan speed by voltage not pwm signal). If I connect fans to this header and set speed to 0% in speedfan, the fans all stopped.

Is it possible to stop the pwm fan completely(0rpm)?
Is this some kinda lower limit set by the mobo bios? I can't find any options in my bios to change the lower limit of cpu_fan header.
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Motherboard ModelGigabyte H97N-WIFI (IT8620E)
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2015-05-23 16:54


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