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0002390SpeedFanConfigurationpublic2015-05-05 13:00
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OSWindows 7 x64 
Product Version4.50 
Summary0002390: Fan Curve Control Points
DescriptionI'm trying to setup a custom chassis fan curve that uses my Motherboards temp sensor and I have set the Min/Max on the Response graph to 35C to 45C. However there are too many control points for what I need and some of them happen to land inbetween two whole number temperature points and it can be sort of confusing to know what temperature that point is referring to.

I've included a picture of my response curve. It would be nice if I could see what temperature each of the control points actually represents. For instance in the picture, the temp points between 39C-41C is confusing to know how SpeedFan will increase/decrease speeds around there. And you can't drag the points left or right to make them land on whole numbers.

I wish I could see each degree between 35C-45C and remove unneeded control points that land somewhere inbetween a whole degree.

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Motherboard ModelMaximus VII Hero
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2015-05-05 13:00


FanCurve.jpg (29,927 bytes)   
FanCurve.jpg (29,927 bytes)   

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