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0002360SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-02-16 17:48
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Summary0002360: 4.51.4 Beta - GIGABYTE H97-HD3 can't change Fan Speed
DescriptionHey, it's me again. I asked for support for the GIGABYTE H97-HD3 and I got today the answer that my mainboard is supported in the new Beta Version. I downloaded it and I can change now the Fan Speeds on the first Tab. But if I change the PWM-Precentage, the fans don't react at all. The stay around their usual RPM-number. Am I doing something wrong?
Steps To ReproduceOpen Speedfan & set speed.
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Motherboard ModelGIGABYTE GA-H97-HD3
Video Card Model- (IPG i5 -> Intel HD 4600)



2015-01-23 00:08


issue-beta-1.png (31,315 bytes)   
issue-beta-1.png (31,315 bytes)   


2015-01-23 00:09


issue-beta-2.png (31,438 bytes)   
issue-beta-2.png (31,438 bytes)   


2015-01-23 00:18

manager   ~0007720

Did you enter CONFIGURE / ADVANCED and set PWM MODE to SOFTWARE CONTROLLED? The help file should contain more detailed info.


2015-01-23 00:45

reporter   ~0007723

Like you said, this was exactly the fault. Thank you so much! Is it normal that some fans like cpu fans run about 100% when setting <10% PWM?



2015-01-23 00:55

reporter   ~0007724

And is there a way to let SpeedFan start with the computer so it's quiet the whole time & I don't have to set the PWM-% each session?


2015-01-23 09:30

manager   ~0007726

On this site there are some threads about auto-starting SpeedFan.
Many PWM fans do not stop or fall below a certain speed, but 100% seems to be a bit too high to be the safety level. Do you hear that fan spinning at full speed or are you relying on reported RPMs?


2015-01-23 12:00

reporter   ~0007728

I hear and see that the CPU Fan has > 2000 RPM when I set the PWM-Precentage below 5. The Case-Fan can be handled until about 15%. The RPM shows 0 but the fan is rotating on at a middle level I think.


2015-01-23 12:14

manager   ~0007729

CPU fans cannot be stopped anyway. I think you should simply set the lower fan level available to SpeedFan at 10% :-)


2015-01-24 14:56

reporter   ~0007738

Yep, works like a charm :) I've now set up a schedule which starts speedfan minimized automatically. But when it starts, the PWM is always 27 % again. Can I also set this "default PWM-Percentage" by myself?


2015-01-25 12:41

manager   ~0007743

That's the value set by BIOS. If you configure SpeedFan's fan control and check "REMIND IT" in advanced settings for PWM MODE, SpeedFan will set the fan speed to the correct value when the conditions allow it.


2015-01-25 14:53

reporter   ~0007745

I set it up like in the picture "issue-beta-3.png" but it doesn't work anyway. Also I searched for another remind it-box but couldn't find another. Where is it exactly?


2015-01-25 14:53


issue-beta-3.png (54,523 bytes)   
issue-beta-3.png (54,523 bytes)   


2015-01-25 17:15

manager   ~0007746

"Remind it" is in the lower right side of the "issue-beta-3.png".
Are you using the correct type of fan (4-wire)?


2015-01-25 17:47

reporter   ~0007747

Yep, both are 4-Pin (non-molex) fans.


2015-01-25 19:10

manager   ~0007748

When you say that "it doesn't work anyway", what do you, exactly, mean? What is not working? What is the expected behaviour that you are not experiencing?


2015-01-25 22:04

reporter   ~0007749

That the PWM-Percentage I set last time should be taken up, the Fans should (in my Case) run with 10 and 20 %. But if I restart the computer, there are always the "usual" 27 PWM-Percentage which (according to) you are set by the BIOS/UEFI. I'd like that SpeedFan remembers and sets my last saved PWM-Percentage I tiped in the last session.


2015-02-13 11:05

manager   ~0007769

If I properly understood, you confirm that you can change your fan speeds using the latest SpeedFan 4.51 beta.
The BIOS will always override the settings applied by SpeedFan. This is the reason why SpeedFan has a "Remember it" checkbox in the advanced settings.
If you properly configure SpeedFan fan control strategy, you will be able to achieve your goal (SpeedFan will lower fan speeds as soon as temperatures will allow that).

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