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0002354SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2015-06-18 17:29
Reporterbugmenot Assigned Toalfredo  
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Platformx86OSWindowsOS Version7 (and others)
Product Version4.50 
Summary0002354: SpeedFan tray icon missing after Explorer crash
DescriptionIf Windows Explorer crashes, when it restarts, unlike the tray icons of other programs, the SpeedFan icon is not re-created, so the user must use Task Manager to kill the speedfan.exe process and re-run it to regain the icon.
Steps To Reproduce 1. Wait for Windows Explorer to crash (or kill it yourself by killing explorer.exe or holding Ctrl+Shift while right-clicking an empty space in the Start Menu and selecting Exit Explorer.

 2. Restart Explorer (eg, Task Manager->Run->explorer).

 3. Observe that while the icons of other programs are restored, SpeedFan’s is not.
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2015-01-17 16:47

reporter   ~0007699

Speedfan have to use 'RegisterWindowMessage("TaskbarCreated")' and 'ChangeWindowMessageFilter' functions to get notification about taskbar (re)creation.


2015-06-18 17:29

reporter   ~0007825

Last edited: 2015-06-18 17:29

Hopefully this can be fixed soon because it is too troublesome to manually fix. (In addition to killing speedfan.exe and re-running it, you can also use something like WinSpy++ in elevated mode to show the main window, then minimize it, and the icon will be restored; but that too is a big hassle.)

Fortunately it is pretty easy to fix. As MaxusR said, SpeedFan only needs to detect the TaskbarCreated message and run its show-tray-icon routine.

Here is an example from

LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc(HWND hWnd, UINT uMessage, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam) {
    static UINT s_uTaskbarRestart;

        case WM_CREATE:
            s_uTaskbarRestart = RegisterWindowMessage(TEXT("TaskbarCreated"));
            if(uMessage == s_uTaskbarRestart)

    return DefWindowProc(hWnd, uMessage, wParam, lParam);

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