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0002324SpeedFanS.M.A.R.T.public2018-12-26 15:58
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PlatformWindowsOSWindows 7OS Versionx64 SP1 PL
Product Version4.50 
Summary0002324: PC crashes when tries to access SMART data on ASMedia controller
DescriptionRecently I downgraded my mobo from Asus Crosshair to ASRock 980DE3US3. On both mobos there is ASMedia ASM 106x SATA3 controller. Despite I rarely used this controller on Asus, I am sure that nothing bad happened there - I never got any crash. But on ASRock, whenever I start SpeedFan while something is connected to ASMedia my PC freezes and then simply reboots (despite autoreboot on error is disabled). Tested on:
- ASMedia 1060x AHCI BIOS v 0.90, v 0.951, v 0.954
- ASMedia 1060x IDE BIOS v 0.90, v 0.951
- ASMedia SATA drivers v (on all BIOSes), v (only on both 0.951 BIOSes)
- SpeedFan v 4.49 (on BIOSes v 0.90, v 0.954, with drivers, SpeedFan v 4.50 (on all BIOSes, on both drivers version)
Whatever is connected to native AMD SB7xx SATA controller everything is fine.
Steps To Reproduce1. Get ASRock 980DE3US3 mobo
2. Install Win7 x64 SP1 and all Windows Updates
3. Install all drivers (don't try to install AMD chipset drivers newer than from package 13-12 - all later have messy SATA driver - at least messy for SB7xx chipsets).
4. Install SpeedFan. For quickest results set it to autostart (as I do since last 5-6 years)
5. Connect any SATA2/3 HDD to ASMedia SATA3 ports. At least any WD Green/WD Black HDD.
6. Boot your PC. It will continue booting as long as SpeeFan Window apperas and start reading parameters.
7. At some point crash occurs.
8. Start PC again without HDDs connected to ASMedia SATA3 ports
9. Boot your PC, allow SpeedFan to start and finish all reads
10. Connect any SATA2/3 HDD to ASMedia SATA3 ports. At least any WD Green/WD Black HDD.
11. Nothing happens - PC works fine, SpeedFan don't get temperature of newly connected HDD.
12. Restart SpeedFan. It will continue starting as long as SpeeFan Window apperas and start reading parameters.
13. At some point crash occurs.

100% reproductivity. BIOS settings (AHCI/IDE) doesn't matter.
Additional InformationThere is no problem to start AIDA64 v 4.70. It can properly read SMART status and temperature of any HDD connected to ASMedia 106x SATA3 controller.
CPUID HWMonitor also starts with no problems, but can't access temperature of any HDD connected to ASMedia 106x SATA3 controller.

Reading parameters stops at accessing SMBus in SpeedFan's window - then Windows UI freezes and few seconds later PC restarts. I tried to disable "debug mode", disable "ISA access" and "SMBus access" to sensors but with no effect - I got just temperature of AMD 1100T core and system HDD connected to AMD SB 7xx and nothing else. But even then when I tried to start SpeedFan with such limited reading capabilities while HDD was connected to ASMedia 106x crash also occured in exactly the same way. That's why I blame SMART access for crash as it was still active.
Windows log has only errors related to detection of unexpected system restart - no BSODs, no concrete errors. I am not sure if it creates any crash dumps.
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Motherboard ModelASRock 980DE3US3 BIOS v 1.60 (modded to include newer ASMedia ROMs)
Video Card ModelSapphire HD 7750 passive cooled (Ultimate?)



2014-11-11 23:15

manager   ~0007623

Just to make sure that this is a SMART related issue, please start SpeedFan with


command line parameters and let me know.


2014-11-30 20:20

reporter   ~0007648

OK, i'll do it within few days


2015-01-20 22:58

reporter   ~0007701

I've same problem on same board, but it only occours, when run the chip in BIOS in AHCI-Mode. No problem, when run in IDE-compatible-Mode. (I will test the /Nosmart - and so on-option at coming weekend...

- Didn't modded the Bios1.60.


2017-03-09 00:32

reporter   ~0008470

Last edited: 2017-03-09 00:59

Same problem here. Seems to be a SMART problem, as using /NOSMARTSCAN /NOADVSMARTSCAN /NOSCSISCAN prevents it from happening.
Note that using /NOSMBSCAN (issue 0001921) doesnt prevent the problem from happening.

Behavior: Start SpeedFan, during initialization/scanning the drive connected to the ASMedia controller disappears (is disconnected, Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon in systray -which very annoyingly always displays the option to eject the connected SSHD, although its an internal drive- also disappears).
Shutdown/reboot needed to get the drive back (same as when it's disconnected through eject via systray).
After shutdown/reboot Windows shuts down nicely but the PC stays powered on, needs forced power off (4secs power button press). Power on again, press F1 for BIOS settings due to message that overclocking failed (standard Rampage IV behavior after unexpected power off), BIOS setts are not changed so exit BIOS without saving changes and Windows starts OK. Drive is present again and no further damage to the Windows install detected.

Some details:
- Occured with v4.51 and v4.52.
- Windows 7 Home Premium EN x64 SP1
- Asus Rampage IV Extreme mobo with
1x Intel SATA3 controller and 1x ASMedia SATA3 controller (see Asus website for more info).
- 2x SSD, 1x SSHD and 1x CD-DVD RW drive connected to Intel SATA controller (all OK, none disappears);
- 1x SSHD connected to ASMedia controller, disappears after starting SpeedFan without parameters /NOSMARTSCAN /NOADVSMARTSCAN /NOSCSISCAN.
- ASMedia 106x SATA AHCI&RAID Drivers & Installer Set v3.1.9.0 WHQL WinXP+ installed.
- Both Intel and ASMedia controllers are set to AHCI in the BIOS.
- Latest official BIOS from Asus.
- System stable, no other issues whatsoever (except from damn annoying systray-eject option for the ASMedia connected drive which seems to be a typical ASMedia "feature").
- Other hardware info tools work fine, no crashes or disappearing drives (HWiNFO, CPUID HWMonitor, CrystalDiskInfo, CrystalDiskMark, AS SSD, though HWiNFO doesnt show the ASMedia controller).

TL;DR: Seems to be something with the ASMedia AHCI drivers and SMART.

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