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0002292SpeedFanFan controlpublic2014-08-25 13:11
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Summary0002292: use other parameters than just temperatures to change fan speed
DescriptionHi Alfredo,
what about allowing to use parameters like CPU usage or GPU Usage (a sort of 'virtual temperatures'), directly to control fan speeds, or in the mix of the advanced fan control temperatures to change fan speeds?
In my case it would be very useful to control the psu fan so I can blow more air through it when I know, from GPU and CPU usage, that it has to deliver more power, and even more if the case temp is high too.

The feature could even be used to prevent, and not just react to, temp raises.

I think it should be implemente with some kind of smoothing/integration of the derived variable because (you know) usage values can jump to very different values.

If you consider adding such feature, you can consider adding even 'advanced fan control' status as source parameter/temperature for other advanced fan controls, which could simplify a lot the configuration process when several advanced fan controls are created.
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Motherboard ModelAsus Z87 Pro (V edition)
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