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0002283SpeedFanFan controlpublic2019-03-29 07:36
Reporterblurp Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformwindowsOSwindows OS Version7
Product Version4.50 beta 
Summary0002283: Gigabyte Z97Z-SOC : no voltage and fan speed and fan control
DescriptionMotherboard fan speeds, fan control and voltage not showing in Speedfan beta 4.5 beta 2. i&-4790K temps seem to be offset by at least 16 C.

I uploaded the debug file.

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Motherboard ModelGigabyte Z97X-SOC
Video Card ModelGTX 780


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2014-08-13 13:27


debug.nfo (222,033 bytes)


2014-08-13 14:38

manager   ~0007468

Please, contact me by email. I will send you an updated beta.


2014-08-13 23:20

reporter   ~0007474

Email sent. Thanks!


2014-08-14 13:31

reporter   ~0007479

4790k CPU load and core temps seem to be ok!

I now see 5 fans but RPM is 0. Bellow there are now 3 PMW to adjust speed. Adjustment does not work for now.

In the advanced tab : temperature sensor diodes 1 2 and 3 are "undefined" and it is not possible to change it to thermistor or diode.

In the advanced tab with previous motherboards, there was a way to change each fan control to "manual". It is not present for now.

I attached the config files in the email.



2014-08-14 13:32


SpeedFan config.rar (20,458 bytes)


2015-01-24 03:31

reporter   ~0007733

Tested 4.50 beta 4.

IT8620E is detected but no fan speed monitored and to speed control.

If you need a file dump let me know. Thanks!


2015-01-24 13:28

reporter   ~0007737

By the way, I changed to software control in the Advanced tab. ;-)


2015-01-25 12:40

manager   ~0007742

Yes, please, use SpeedFan's SEND REPORT (INFO tab) and let me know when done.
Include in its notes a reference to this issue.
Thank you.


2015-01-25 13:56


SpeedFan 2015-01-25.rar (25,180 bytes)


2015-01-25 13:58

reporter   ~0007744

Report Sent.

I wrote that when I try to manually change fan 0000004 speed on main window, the computer shuts down automatically.



2015-02-07 18:25

reporter   ~0007762

You were right!

I spent some time this morning plugging fans @different headers:

My motherboard has 8 fan headers:

Here is my report:

CPU fan header (4pins) : not seen with Speedfan (no RPM, no speed control)
CPU opt fan header (4pins) : not seen with Speedfan (no RPM, no speed control)
SysFan1 header (4pins) : not seen with Speedfan (no RPM, no speed control)
SysFan2 header (4pins): seen as Fan1 with SpeedFan (yes for RMP and Speed control!)
SysFan3 header (4pins): seen as Fan2 with SpeedFan (yes for RMP and Speed control!)
SysFan4 header (4pins): seen as Fan3 with SpeedFan (yes for RMP and Speed control!)
SysFan5 header (3pins) : not seen with Speedfan (no RPM, no speed control)
SysFan6 header (3pins) : not seen with Speedfan (no RPM, no speed control)

Even though I can control fans on Sysfan headers 2-3-4, Speedfan cannot adjust the speed of my watercool pump. I guess this is a problem with the motherboard and PWM control limited to CPU Fan header and CPU opt header.

Hope that helps.

Thanks again for your great work.


2015-02-13 10:54

manager   ~0007767

The latest beta adds two advanced settings that, basically, prevent SpeedFan from writing to PWM 4 and PWM5, unless instructed to do so.
This will avoid computer crashes when changing PWM 4 and will let other users enable PWM 4 (it works pretty fine of several other boards).
Unless Gigabyte unveils how to program the IT8620E, I am afraid I can't do more than this.
I wrote an article about this:

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