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0002274SpeedFanFan controlpublic2014-07-13 18:51
Reporterookimi Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows 7 Home Premium SP1 
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002274: fan always running at full speed on XPS13 9333
DescriptionMy Dell XPS 13 9333 with Corei5 new Haswell processor always runs with the fan at full speed (6000+). The fan starts about 4 seconds after powering up, even if I just go into BIOS, so it is not OS-related. I use the latest bios A04 from the dell support page.

After I check the Speedfan option to support Dell laptops, Speedfan can detect the fan and shows the same speed as the system diagnostics tool at F12. The "speeds" option shows a pwm1 fan which I set between 30 and 80%, with the checkbox "automatically variated" ticked. I also have the checkbox "automatic speed control" checked. But nothing happens. If I try to reduce the pwm1 speed manually in the main screen, the fan stops each time I change the value, but then restarts at once at full speed.

In the "advanced" tab in Speedfan I can see 4 options: DELL at$3E8 on ISA, HD0(128Gb) at $0 on AdvSMART, ACPI at $0 on ISA, and INTEL CORE at $0 at ISA. The first one seems to be the motherboard; but if I select it, the only options I get are "temperature 1 offset", FAN1 mult, FAN1 div, and Reverse PWM1 logic. There are no more fan-related options.
Steps To Reproducealways
Additional InformationI cleared the fan; there is no dust or any other physical obstructions. I also tried to replace the fan; it did not solve the problem.
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Motherboard ModelXPS13 9333
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