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0002258SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2014-06-02 04:30
Reporterray_bk Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows XP with SP3 
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002258: Some problems
Description1. It takes long time (almost one minute) to start SpeedFan. It looks like "frozen" during the initialization or checking for available sensors/hardware. This always happens. I tried with other sensor monitoring software, it only takes a few seconds to start.
2. Sometimes, after SpeedFan started with readings of sensors shown, the user interface is still there without being minimized. I tried to click the "Minimize" button but no response. Even the tabs, "Clock", "Info", "Exotics", "S.M.A.R.T." and "Charts" have no response.

The above problems apply to version 4.49 or lower (maybe all versions).
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Motherboard ModelASUS P8Z77-M
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