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0002251SpeedFanEventspublic2014-04-29 02:23
Reportermister.marmot Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformDell M6400 mobile workstationOSWindows 7 ProfessionalOS VersionSP1 and hotfixes
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002251: latency spikes every 3 seconds
DescriptionSince February when I was trying to record sections of the Olympics there has been latency issues. Every 3 seconds a 1000 to 8000 microsecond latency spikes will hit. I trusted SpeedFan so much and relied on it's work that I wasted 40 hours or more on researching other issues.
Started the computer with all start menu items off and no latency spikes. The machines sits at green line under 150 microseconds.

All the drivers are up to date with Driver Booster, OS patched and all unnecessary services shutdown according to Black Viper suggestions. Since SpeedFan won't recognize the Dell m6400's fans without checking the box marked 'Dell system support use for Dell laptop only' I suspect the bug lies in the Dell system polling.
Steps To ReproduceJust fire up SpeedFan on maybe any Dell m6400 with Win 7 and there will be a 3.01 second cycle latency spike.
Additional InformationBIOS on Dell is newest A13.

I cleaned the fans on the system and so the on board control is working satisfactorily but I'd prefer SpeedFan. The other two products I found are terrible in comparison.
I can't keep using Speedfan with these latency spikes. Video editing and gaming are unusable.
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Motherboard ModelDell m6400 notebook
Video Card ModelQuadro 2700m


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