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0002232SpeedFanOtherpublic2014-03-13 21:01
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OSwin 7 
Summary0002232: Cpu use is high
DescriptionOn my computer, a phenom II 955 no oc, the cpu use of speedfan seems to be excessive, going from 7-12% on a constant basis. The closest comparable program to this that I am aware of is resource monitor, and that pulls in an average 1.5%

Additional InformationIm not sure if this is just normal, or if this is an issue with my computer, but considering that resource monitor updates more frequently and is about 1/5th the processing power, something is up.
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Motherboard Modelasus m4a785-m bios version 1101
Video Card Model



2014-03-13 06:47

reporter   ~0007353

This issue is a consequence of AMD Cool&Quiet. When the CPU lowers its frequency, the usage values grows.


2014-03-13 21:01

reporter   ~0007354

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even when i'm using the processor and pushing it speedfan still takes up a lot of processing power, earlier i was looking for programs to close because a game i was playing was studdering, and i noticed, even when the cpu was 70-80% in use, and not being clocked down, it was taking what i deemed an excessive amount of power even when compared to resource monitor which is right now that my cpu is only being 10% active, is taking about 2.5%.

small edit, over time resource monitor averaged down to 1.2%

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