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0002216SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2015-11-08 01:15
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Product Version4.49 
Summary0002216: Asrock cpu fan headers speed reading
DescriptionI have this asrock mobo -

Out of the six headers, speedfan can control perfectly only three (four if you use the 4pin cpu header or the 3 cpu header), just like the bios.

There are two shared cpu headers and i only use one. The fan control works on that header but the fan speed is ZERO. It wakes up and reads the right fan speed the instant i open aida64 sensors page. Somehow when aida looks at the sensors, magic happens and speed fan reads the value just right.

It's a NCT6776D, and speedfan reports it as NCT6776F.

I also have another asrock mobo with a real NCT6776F and it has the exact same issue with the two "shared" cpu headers.

I can provide any other info or testing if needed.

Can't imagine the world without speedfan!
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Motherboard ModelZ87 Extreme6 / 970 Extreme3
Video Card Model



2015-07-19 14:03


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