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0002157SpeedFanFan controlpublic2013-08-10 21:50
Reporterseishun Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows 7 32-bit 
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002157: Advanced fan control causes the "Warning" temperature to trigger 100% PWM
DescriptionIn the Temperatures tab, the Warning temperature for "Core 0" is set to 50 (the default value), but it isn't linked to any PWM, so I expect it to not use 100% speed on any fan even if it reaches 50 degrees.

However, if I enable Advanced fan control and set up a fan controller that controls a certain PWM according to the "Core 0" temperature, the "Warning" temperature starts triggering 100% speed - even though the curve only reaches 100% at 60 degrees. Increasing the "Warning" temperature for "CPU" fixes this.

This is very unintuitive. If I enable Advanced fan control, I don't expect the "Warning" temperature in a different tab to suddenly matter, unless I explicitly link the temperature in that tab to the same PWM.
Additional Information - Core 0 isn't linked to any PWM, but has Warning temperature set to 50 degrees. - Advanced fan control configuration, where Core 0 temperature is used to control PWM2. - Pwm2 suddenly using 100% speed at "Warning" temperature.
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2013-08-09 08:19

manager   ~0007268

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I understand that it might seem unintuitive that there is a relation between two different tabs. Nonetheless, I think the solution (change the WARNING temperature) is rather simple and keeping the semantics of the WARNING setting is a safety measure (and fan control feature) that adds value.
On you can read (in the "Additional relevant configuration settings") some more interesting points. The one related to your observation is:

"The TEMPERATURES tab allows to define a warning level for each temperature. This warning level is taken into consideration by the Advanced Fan Control strategy: if a temperature exceeds its warning level, SpeedFan will forcibly set the relevant PWM to 100%."

I do not think this is a MAJOR issue. It is rather a FEATURE issue.


2013-08-10 21:50

reporter   ~0007269

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I've already advised to make some link between warning level and the curve in Advanced Fan Control. Maybe it's even better to make the last dot on the curve fixed at 100% speed and ignore warning level.

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