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0002148SpeedFanLogging and chartingpublic2013-07-13 23:10
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Product Version4.49 
Summary0002148: Change log filename to static name
DescriptionI'm not sure what the reasoning is behind having a dynamic logging filename that changes with the current date (SFLog<DATE>.csv), but this makes it hard to parse in windows. Since almost all people using this tool cannot get temperatures/fan speeds from the command line, we have to rely on logs generated by this tool (or RealTemp) to parse so we can send it to a monitoring server (munin, nagios, zabbix, cacti, etc.) It is very difficult to parse a file whose name changes every day. Sure, someone could write a batch file, but it would be much easier to install tail and gawk for windows and do 'tail -1 | <filename> | gawk "{print $1} to get a temp that can be used in these monitoring tools (zabbix in my case). By having a filename that is date sensitive and changes every day, it becomes MUCH more difficult to target this file. Now, I have to design a batch file or perl script to get this info. (Note that RealTemp uses a static log file realtemplog.txt). Maybe there was some rationale for using a dynamic name, but I don't really see one.
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