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0002142SpeedFanLogging and chartingpublic2013-07-01 01:57
ReporterBSOD2600 Assigned Toalfredo  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
PlatformQuadOSWindowsOS Version7 x64
Product Version4.49 
Summary0002142: UI stops updating values
DescriptionAfter speedfan has been running for a few weeks (random period of time), it will stop updating the various sensor values. The UI is still completely responsive (can click on the various tabs, Configure button, etc), but ALL the values are static and no longer show realtime. this includes the cpu utilization, fans, temperatures, voltages, etc.

Steps To ReproduceN/A.
Additional InformationUsed SysInternals Process Explorer to generate a minidump of the speedfan.exe process while this problem was present. Full minidump when compressed is 25 MB, which is too large to upload here.
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Motherboard ModelAsus P8Z77-V BIOS 1908
Video Card ModelGeForce GT440



2013-07-01 01:57


speedfan-mini.dmp (1,643,509 bytes)

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