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0002084SpeedFanFan controlpublic2013-01-03 23:27
Reporterlols6000prm Assigned Toalfredo  
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PlatformAsus M2N + AMD 64 X2 3800OSWindows XPOS VersionXP SP3
Product Version4.47 
Summary0002084: Unable to alter CPU fan speed with speedfan, 6000prm, computer impossible to use

Speedfan always worked perfectly on previous setup, but recently i bought an Asus M2N motherboard with an AMD 64 X2 3800+ CPU and can't control the speed of the cpu fan.

At the start, the cpu fan turns at 3000prm and its good, but a few minutes later on Windows xp, it grinds to 6000prm with a temperature of 50/60c, and my pc isnt usable anymore. I tried deactivating qfan in the bios, same for cool n quiet (and in this case, the CPU temp is 35/40°c but the PRM is still between 5000 and 6000), went to the speedfan advanced tab and switched to software controlled for the controller but nothing change when i lower the % of speed in the main window.

If i could at least reduce by 2000prm the speed it would be bearable.

I provide you the details below, thanks in advance for your help:

BIOS CopyRight : A_M_I_ - 2000916BIOS Date: 02/16/09 13:42:26 Ver: 08.00.12BIOS Date: 02/16/09 13:42:26 Ver: 08.00.12
BIOS Date : 02/16/09
BIOS Extended Info :

Windows NT Multiprocessor Free version 5.1.2600 (Windows XP)

IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Temp1 : 34,0 min=33,0 max=53,0 mean=34,9
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Temp2 : 39,0 min=36,0 max=39,0 mean=39,0
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Temp3 : -128,0 min=-128,0 max=-128,0 mean=-128,0
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Fan1 : 4688 min=3309 max=4688 mean=4649
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Fan2 : 0 min=0 max=0 mean=0
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Fan3 : 0 min=0 max=0 mean=0
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Fan4 : 0 min=0 max=0 mean=0
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Fan5 : 0 min=0 max=0 mean=0
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Pwm1 : 100% min=80% max=100% mean=100%
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Pwm2 : 100% min=85% max=100% mean=100%
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Pwm3 : 100% min=90% max=100% mean=100%
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Pwm4 : 0% min=0% max=0% mean=0%
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Pwm5 : 0% min=0% max=0% mean=0%
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Vcore1 : 1,14 min=1,12 max=1,33 mean=1,13
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Vcore2 : 4,08 min=4,08 max=4,08 mean=4,08
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 +3.3V : 3,31 min=3,31 max=3,31 mean=3,31
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 +5V : 6,85 min=6,85 max=6,85 mean=6,85
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 +12V : 12,10 min=11,97 max=12,10 mean=12,10
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 -12V : 2,20 min=2,20 max=2,20 mean=2,20
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 -5V : 4,05 min=4,05 max=4,05 mean=4,05
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 +5V : 6,85 min=6,85 max=6,85 mean=6,85
IT8712F-J on ISA at $290 Vbat : 3,09 min=3,09 max=3,09 mean=3,09
HD0 (500,1GB) on AdvSMART at $0 HD0 : 35,0 min=29,0 max=35,0 mean=33,1
ST3500514NS (drive 0) : fitness=93% performance=93%
AMD K8 on PCI at $0 Core : 43,0 min=41,0 max=52,0 mean=43,3

IT8712F-J at $0290
 -> Temperature sensor diode 1 : Diode
 -> Temperature sensor diode 2 : Thermistor
 -> Temperature sensor diode 3 : Thermistor
 -> PWM 1 mode : Software controlled
 -> PWM 2 mode : Software controlled
 -> PWM 3 mode : Software controlled
 -> PWM 4 mode : Software controlled
 -> PWM 5 mode : Software controlled
 -> PWMOUT clock : 48M
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Motherboard ModelAsus M2N
Video Card Model



2013-01-02 10:23

manager   ~0007162

Please, try setting PWM CLOCK to 3M.
I assume you are using the correct (3-pin, 4-pin) type of fan. If SpeedFan is able to control the speed of your fan, I suggest you to change the WARNING temperatures in CONFIGURE / TEMPERATURES. If fan control is enabled, SpeedFan will set all active FAN SPEED % to 100% when ANY warning temperature is reached.


2013-01-02 12:03

reporter   ~0007164

Thanks for your answer,

I tried the 3M setting but no change. And it's weird because it's already in Software Control in the CONFIGURE/ADVANCED setting. I have to activate the QFan mode on the Bios for this parameter to return on Smartguardian then change it to Software controller, but with no effects.

Where you are saying the correct type of fan, which is it ? It's the fan sold with AMD 64 X2 processors. I assume it's a PWM type as the RPM goes up with the heat, i just can't control it at all, either on the bios (M2N bios is rather simple), either via speedfan. Maybe the motherboard is not well recognized by speedfan and it's not the correct super IO chip(IT8...) ?


2013-01-03 23:27

reporter   ~0007169

I checked the CPU fan, it's a 3 pins one, so maybe it's because of this that i can't control it via speedfan ?

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