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0001996SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2012-06-01 06:48
ReporterHelltech Assigned Toalfredo  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
OSVistaOS Version64 Bit 
Product Version4.46 
Summary0001996: Red Screen GTX 600 Series
DescriptionSeems to be a fairly common issue according to this;

I saw another post of this bug here, yet the user just sent his card back for RMA. I do no believe his card is at fault, it seems to be a fairly well known issue. I have had this GTX 670 for about 4 hours, I had about 5 crashes during the first 3 hours, after closing out of SpeedFan for a little over an hour now, I have had zero crashes.

The crashes seemed to be completely random, two happened as SpeedFan was loading, and the rest happened randomly while I was gaming.
Steps To ReproduceIt is completely random, seems to happen on SpeedFan startup though, but can also happen randomly.
Additional InformationI was going to try the latest BETA version of SpeedFan but it doesn't address this issue so I don't really see the point.
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Motherboard ModelRampage II Extreme
Video Card ModelASUS GTX 670


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