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0001991SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2012-05-24 10:22
ReporterMinotaurus Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.46 
Summary0001991: Cannot display tray icons for multiple sensors
DescriptionWhen i select a temperature sensor and click the "Show in tray" checkbox, the previously selected show-in-tray-sensor becomes unselected. Thus only one sensor icon can be shown in the tray.

I used MBM on my old machine, and there I could display more than one sensor in tray, but MBM doesn't work on my new machine. I installed SpeedFan 4.46, it does a good job except for the multiple tray icons. I would like to keep an eye on CPU, video, and HDD, and by "keep an eye on..." I don't mean hovering with the mouse over the single icon every few moments to bring up the tooltip. Multiple icons would make this much more easy to monitor.
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