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0001990SpeedFanS.M.A.R.T.public2012-07-18 15:07
ReporterMalphator Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWin7 64OS VersionLatest 
Product Version4.46 
Summary0001990: External HD not sleeping since updating to 4.46
DescriptionMy external HD used to go to sleep without trouble with previous versions, but since updating to 4.46, and being able to read it's temperature via speedfan, the drive will not spin down and go into sleep mode. I am unsure if speedfan is the cause of this, but it is the most recent change to my PC since discovering this issue. It will just sit and stay active, while the temperature climbs and climbs.
Steps To ReproduceUncertain.
Additional InformationSeagate Expansion External HD, model# ST310005EXA101-RK
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Motherboard ModelMSI 760GM-E51
Video Card Model


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2012-05-23 03:04

reporter   ~0006974

Sort of a confirmation. If I exit out of speedfan, the external HD goes to sleep like it is supposed to.


2012-05-23 09:59

manager   ~0006975

Reading SMART data does not require the disk to spin up. When it happens, it is a "feature" of the disk driver. I will look for a reliable method to know if the disk is sleeping without waking it up.


2012-05-23 12:17

reporter   ~0006978

Yeah. I do not know if the external HD itself is causing the issue, or speedfan is. At this point, all I know is that it will idle out and go into sleep mode if I shut down speedfan, but will not if I leave it running.


2012-07-18 15:07

reporter   ~0007017

I had the same issue!

Actually i disable all my HDD Temp sensors because of this problem.
Have also a external seagate, but the problem is also with my other internal hdd's or usb 2.0 hdd's.

Only my SSD makes no noise :D

My Data:
~Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H rev. 2.1
(With "IT8720F at $228 on ISA" and SB 7xx/8xx PM2 at $CCB on ISA" and USB 3.0 Chip is Renesas / NEC Chip uPD720200 and/or uPD720200A)
~OCZ-VERTEX 2 SSD 60GB with FW 1.35
~External USB 3.0 HDD: Seagate FA GoFlex Desktop 2000GB with FW 0D0B

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