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0001987SpeedFanHardware supportpublic2012-05-25 16:21
ReporterMisterWeather Assigned Toalfredo  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7 SP1
Product Version4.46 
Summary0001987: USB Drives report error
DescriptionI Installed speedfan 4.46 on a home built "server" running Windows 7 Home Premium. There are two 1TB external drives connected via USB. One is a Segate 1TB ST310003 the other a Hitachi HDS72101 1TB. Speedfan was giving SMART read errors as if the drives were defective. They became unreadable and the PC would not reboot until I disconnected them. The drives and data on the drives were not damaged but it was disconcerting.
Steps To ReproduceRemoved speedfan and rebooted, ran server several days no problem. Re installed and eventually after an hour or so the program began indicating there were errors on the drive. PC would not shutdown or reboot unless drivers were disconnected first.
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Motherboard ModelASUS M2N68-AM Plus
Video Card ModelnVidia GEForce 7025



2012-05-22 16:59

reporter   ~0006964

Greetings, I see I made a typo. Originally I had typed "PC would not shutdown or reboot unless *drivers* were disconnected first." I should have typed *drives*. The external drives need to be disconnected. I apologize, and hope this has not caused any confusion. Entered 5/22/2012, Mark Ewens


2012-05-22 19:24

manager   ~0006965

Could you upload the output of a SEND REPORT (SpeedFan's INFO tab) with the drives connected?
You can contact me by email (alfredo [at] if you prefer.


2012-05-25 16:18


debug.nfo (141,016 bytes)


2012-05-25 16:21

reporter   ~0006987

Sorry, got busy - re-installed and ran the program. Just uploaded a copy of the file debug.nfo made this morning. Same behavior; drives became inaccessible and unreadable after program read the drives and started reporting errors. 5/25/2012 Mark Ewens

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