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0001979SpeedFanUser interfacepublic2012-04-28 19:29
Reporterkensiko Assigned Toalfredo  
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OSWindows 7OS Version64 bits SP1 
Product Version4.46 
Summary0001979: Speedfan temp in the tray wakes-up AMD's ZeroCore
DescriptionJust got a HD 7850 this week, I've been testing the zerocore feature and found that if SpeedFan is in the Tray, the ZeroCore wakes-up every second. See picture here:

If I simply hide the tray icon (still visible in the tray but hidden), ZeroCore is ok.
Steps To ReproduceRun a PC with Windows 7 and a HD 7xxx video card
Install MSI Afterburner
Close any programs that could keep the GPU running
Set in the power option to turn of monitor after 1 minute
Run MSI Afterburner
Run SpeedFan with temperature visible in the tray
Wait 2 minutes, then check graphs in MSI AB.
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Motherboard ModelAsrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3
Video Card ModelVisiontek HD 7850



2012-04-28 19:29

reporter   ~0006946

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Oh you don't have to run MSI Afterburner, you can just look at the fan rotation. It should stops and starts and stops and starts.

MSI temperature in the tray also prevent ZeroCore to kicks in. Don't show the temp.

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