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0001975SpeedFanInstallationpublic2012-04-17 10:50
Reportermarcokelwen Assigned Toalfredo  
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Product Version4.46 beta 
Summary0001975: Installation Text showing "service" installed but no actual windows service found
DescriptionDuring installation, I noticed the following green text under a black ground:

- (DEBUG) OS is Windows 6.1 build 7601
- OS is Windows 7
- Running under WOW64
- You've got administrative privileges
- Running under WOW64
- Copying AMD64 service
- SpeedFan service installed into service database
- SpeedFan service start type is currently set to demand
- SpeedFan service start type properly set to BOOT
- SpeedFan service properly started
- Program files properly created
- Program group properly created
- Uninstaller properly created

I'm assuming those text means speedfan is being installed as a service and will auto start on "BOOT"... but seems not service is started at all in windows

May be I misunderstand something here?
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Motherboard ModelMSI Z77A G45
Video Card Model



2012-04-17 09:20

manager   ~0006930

Does SpeedFan work?


2012-04-17 10:47

reporter   ~0006935

it works anyway, I was just trying to make this great app to run as service (as my computer is shared with my family and each got their own user login) I want to make sure it works whenever windows is on.

The installer text seems hinting speedfan is kind of "service" but actually it is not?


2012-04-17 10:50

manager   ~0006936

If it works, you are simply looking for the kernel driver service in the wrong place. The driver is installed and working for every user. On this bug tracker there are some threads about running SpeedFan as a service.

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